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How much does it cost?

No only is dyn2stat free as in beer but is it also free as in speech. Contact me for the source code or visit the project website.

How do I contribute, what can I do to help?

I would love for someone translate the site into spanish, french, ....... anything.

What is dyn2stat?

Dyn2stat is a portal to any computer.
You can get more information on the project website.

How does it work?

Send me an email at szaroubi at sourceforge dot net

What do I need to get started?

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Why was dyn2sta created?

A computer science student at concordia university needed to access his FTP server, but his server kept on changing IP's. So he desided to write a small application that would allow him to access his server from anyever with a simple mouse click.
Dyn2stat was started in June 2002 and work on it kept on throu the summer.